A Man After God’s Own Heart!

The first time I became familiar with Perry Stone’s Ministry was in the early 1980’s, He came through our small church in N. GA.  It was exciting to see the power of pentecost being demonstrated and to see the gifts of the spirit in action.  A year later, not long after my brother went to be with the Lord at a very early age, Perry came back to our church and preached his sermon, “Where your loved ones go when they die”. One thing that has always impressed me with Perry is that he truly is used by God. In 1992 I began a career in television production,  about a year later I was introduced to Perry’s office manager, Charlie Ellis. I had the privilege to help on occasion with video production which later lead to being involved more and more at the Voice of Evangelism and helping to produce the Manna-Fest program. Today I am around the ministry daily working in the television department and I can say that Perry studies the Bible more than anyone I have ever met personally and he still hears from God on a daily basis. Countless times I have seen the Holy Spirit quicken Perry and then watch him begin to flow with what God was saying to him. He does have a tremendous sense of humor but also a love for Gods word that drives him.

I know that he is a man after God’s own heart!


Dale Prater

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