Preparing Me for Ministry

I was saved about 4 years ago in a small country church in South Carolina. After getting saved, I started watching Christian TV at night. It was then that I first seen Manna-Fest with Perry Stone. I did not have a whole lot of money, but I ordered the offer of his new book “Unleashing the Beast.” I was not much of a reader, but I was amazed at the connections that he drew in that book. Between reading Perry’s material and watching Manna-Fest it gave me a hunger for God’s word.

Perry Stone has the anointing and passion from God to study God’s word in relation with Hebraic sources to get the understanding that the early Church had, and we as modern believers have lost though a change in culture.

About 6 months after getting saved God called me to preach, and I  came to Lee University in Cleveland, TN to get a degree in Pastoral Ministry. My first week at Lee, a guy felt lead to come up to me and get advice about his family back home. I was able to share some of Perry’s content from “Breaking the Jewish Code” and he was amazed at my knowledge of Jewish cultue. I told him that everything I knew came from that book by Perry Stone. Turns out he was a Perry Stone fan too and we decided to go to Perry’s Hixon Campmeeting together to hear Perry Stone live for the first time. At the Hixon Meeting we learned of a weekly prayer meeting that Perry did in a Barn back in Cleveland, and we went.

Long story short, that guy is now my best friend and roommate. I got plugged into Perry’s “the Extreme” Ministry, and grew tremendously in the Word and in personal devotion. I have often said that I have learned more from “the Extreme” and Perry’s mentoring then I have in my Bible classes at Lee, and that is the truth. After attending the Extreme for a year, I was approached and asked if I would be willing to come work for Perry doing some I.T. work, and I was more than grateful to take the Job. It amazes me that 4 years ago I did not know Jesus, and when I got saved, God showed me Perry Stone on TV to put a passion in me for the “more” of his Word. Now four years later I have the privilege to study under and work for a great man of God.

The thing that impresses me the most about Perry is who you see on the stage or on the TV screen is the same man that he is in private. He has a burning passion for seeing the lost saved, and for seeing addictions broken. He lives a life that is set apart and consecrated for the Lord, and spends countless hours a day in study and prayer. I thank God that He raises up men like Perry Stone who have a passion and a burden to bring the world a right now word for the guiding and strengthening of His people.


Denver J. Morton

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