Opening the Truth of God’s Word – Perry Stone

Our family met Perry and Pam Stone during the mid-1980’s in a small town called DeLand,FL.  Our church pastor at the time had invited a young couple, Perry and Pam, to serve as guest evangelists for a week-long revival.  After having been in the Church of God for many, many years, it was as if this young minister brought new sight to our eyes, opening up the Word of God in ways we had never known before.  He brought us new understanding under the anointing of the Lord.  From that week on, we knew he was a true man of God.  Subsequently, he was invited back, year after year for several years.  During those revivals we saw such a wonderful movement of the Holy Spirit.  Souls were saved, men, women and children were filled with the Holy Spirit, and we began to understand God’s Word in a new and freshly anointed way.

As time went on, we learned that his ministry was based in Cleveland, TN, and as it happened, our children also were living in that area.  God opened the doors and made a way for us to move from little DeLand,FL to Cleveland,TN.  In 2002, shortly after we moved to Cleveland, we began to volunteer with Voice of Evangelism.  By doing so, God has blessed us beyond belief.  To this day we work with Perry and Pam and all of Voice of Evangelism staff and can’t imagine spending our days doing anything else. For us, having the opportunity to work with Perry and Pam and VOE, is both an honor and a privilege.  We love them and pray God’s every blessing upon them.

John & Immogean Jenkins

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Perry Stone – A Testament of his Spiritual Walk

It was the early 1980s when I first attended a revival at my home church with Evangelist Perry Stone. What an anointed man of God that walked with the Lord! Revelation from the Word of God was poured out and the Holy Spirit moved through the church night after night! I recall in revivals how he would tell us, “Don’t even try to take notes…just buy the tape!” It was so true…you would take note after note to journal the amazing nuggets of information and revelation but could not write fast enough!  Our church always got excited when Perry Stone would come to hold those revivals! The depth of knowledge and revelation that was poured out was unparalleled! End time prophecy and current day events with incredible revelation and insight from the Word of God followed by powerful outpourings in the altars!

It was several years later when my husband would become Perry’s pilot and within a short time I would go to work at the ministry center. Working in this ministry for 10 years I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and consecration of this man unto the Lord.  His ability to write, study, plan, pray, preach and direct multiple projects at a constant and continual pace is without doubt a God given, supernatural gift and ability. To consecrate his life to this level is a powerful witness of the call and anointing upon his life.

I have seen him give words of knowledge, prophecy and revelation on many occasions. I have sat under his teaching and preaching and to this day continue to marvel at the revelation of the Word from his in-depth study.  I have seen many hundreds receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost in his conferences. So many testimonials come through the ministry center of miracles and deliverance on a regular basis. The fruits of Perry’s labor are a testament to his spiritual walk. He and Pam are faithful servants of the Lord and walk according to the Word.  They are people of integrity and love the Lord. Their heart is to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God. They take the ministry and calling very seriously. I am thankful for the impact they have made on my life and my children’s lives. They have a heart to reach this generation! I feel privileged for the opportunity to work at the ministry.

Denise Wright

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A Heart for the Lost, Youth and Hurting People

My husband and I moved to Cleveland from Indiana with my husband’s job. We left our family, friends and church and it was a very lonely time for me. A couple in our neighborhood invited us to attend church with them and Perry was speaking that Sunday. That was the 1st time we had heard Perry or knew anything about him and he held our attention and I could feel the anointing on him.

It was some years later this couple started sitting in our section at church and we would say Hi and go on to our seat. One Sunday I stopped and introduced myself to the woman. I had been praying about a part-time job.  I ran into her in a store one day and we started talking and she explained she was taking another position in the Ministry and they needed somebody to fill her part-time position and long story short I got that position. How God does work!

Perry, Pam and the staff are my family away from my family. I know if I ever needed anything they would all be there for me and my family. Perry and Pam have a heart for the lost, youth and hurting people. They are a man and woman of compassion and integrity.

I feel blessed to be a part of this ministry.

Beverly Jones

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People that love God…the Real Deal!

My Husband and I have known Perry and Pam Stone for 23 years. We were newly saved the first time we attended a revival that Perry was having in Leeds, Al; they were in the third week of an 11 week revival and what a powerful service it was. Being raised in a Baptist home I had never heard of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, but that night Perry explained that it was a gift from God for every believer. I did not respond to the altar call that night but before going to bed I read Acts 2. The next day I studied and pondered the verses all day and by that night I was ready to receive all that God had for me. As soon as my husband arrived home from work we were on our one hour journey to revival.  As soon as the altars were open that night I responded to the call and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Over the years I have watched Perry and Pam’s lives closely, they became a mentor to me that night without knowing it. I watched them very closely over the years and I knew there was something different about this couple. The passion and the zeal that they served God with amazed me. The travel, the endless hours of study, the faithfulness to God and to each other, and the love that they had  for people was like none I had ever seen before. In the past 23 years I have seen many ministries rise and fall but one thing is for sure Perry and Pam Stone have been steadily moving forward for the Kingdom of God. They have taught us so much just by their daily walk with God and their diligence in the work of God. We have been taught how to live debt free, how to wait on God, how to maintain constancy in our walk, how to pray and how to have faith “that if it is God’s dream it will come to pass”. Oh, don’t get me wrong that does not mean just sit idly by and wait for God to dump it in your lap, Pam has a saying when we work, we work hard, when we play, we play hard. This couple is like the military they do more by lunch than most do in a week. On an average week they work 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week and when traveling it is 24/7. When they are not traveling on Sunday’s they are attending their local church because they love God and believe that they should keep the Sabbath holy.

Now, that we work for the ministry we observe them on a daily basis and again I can honestly say, they amaze me. I am thankful for people like the Stone’s that are real and live what they preach and love God with all of their hearts. I am proud to be a part of the VOE/OCI team and consider it an honor to serve God with them.

Tammy James

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A Man of Respect

I have been to Perry Stone’s meetings for about the last 15 years and have known him personally for 5 years. He is a very anointed man and lives the way he teaches. I have more respect for him than anyone I know. He and the ministry have been a real great blessing to me and my family.

(Terry was also Healed after learning about Perry Stone’s “Meal that Heals” teaching. The following video is from a Manna-Fest episode where Perry talks about the communion revelation he received.)

Terry Lamunyon

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Man of Compassion

I came to work for Perry Stone Ministries a little over 10 years ago. At the time, my older sister was living in a local nursing home due to an ALS diagnosis. The facility required all of her disability check except for $30.00 which is all she would have to buy her essentials for the month. Obviously, that was nowhere near enough and that left the balance of her needs to my elderly parents and me. Perry insisted on helping my family and gave me a check each month to use for my sister’s necessities. Very few bosses would do that and it meant so much to my family.

My father was a minister and read through the Bible at least 4 times a year for as long as I can remember. He could quote chapters from memory, but I don’t know that even he loved the Word of God more than Perry. Perry truly loves the Word for the Word’s sake and has been given a very special anointing for digging out the hidden truths in it. I feel very privileged and blessed to be a part of a ministry that I know is impacting the world and is run with character and integrity.

Darla Prater

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A Man After God’s Own Heart!

The first time I became familiar with Perry Stone’s Ministry was in the early 1980’s, He came through our small church in N. GA.  It was exciting to see the power of pentecost being demonstrated and to see the gifts of the spirit in action.  A year later, not long after my brother went to be with the Lord at a very early age, Perry came back to our church and preached his sermon, “Where your loved ones go when they die”. One thing that has always impressed me with Perry is that he truly is used by God. In 1992 I began a career in television production,  about a year later I was introduced to Perry’s office manager, Charlie Ellis. I had the privilege to help on occasion with video production which later lead to being involved more and more at the Voice of Evangelism and helping to produce the Manna-Fest program. Today I am around the ministry daily working in the television department and I can say that Perry studies the Bible more than anyone I have ever met personally and he still hears from God on a daily basis. Countless times I have seen the Holy Spirit quicken Perry and then watch him begin to flow with what God was saying to him. He does have a tremendous sense of humor but also a love for Gods word that drives him.

I know that he is a man after God’s own heart!


Dale Prater

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Perry Stone, Man of Integrity

When I first accepted Christ, I saw Perry’s Manna-Fest program and was instantly imbedded with a hunger for knowledge of the Word. His messages were so jam packed with nuggets of knowledge, wisdom, and revelation that I had never heard before. I thought that maybe one day in my life I might get the opportunity to maybe get to say hello, and tell him what his ministry has meant to me in my life. Today, I not only have had that chance, but I have also had the honor of interacting with Perry on a day to day basis. He is the exact same man behind the cameras that he is in front of them. I have grown leaps and bounds in the level of respect I have for him, both as a minister and a man of God. He does not put on a show or a fake façade when he ministers. Whether it is on his Manna-Fest program, on the platform preaching to thousands, on the platform at the Extreme, or hanging out with some of us getting dinner, Perry Stone is a man of God through and through.

Evan Kilpatrick

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Preparing Me for Ministry

I was saved about 4 years ago in a small country church in South Carolina. After getting saved, I started watching Christian TV at night. It was then that I first seen Manna-Fest with Perry Stone. I did not have a whole lot of money, but I ordered the offer of his new book “Unleashing the Beast.” I was not much of a reader, but I was amazed at the connections that he drew in that book. Between reading Perry’s material and watching Manna-Fest it gave me a hunger for God’s word.

Perry Stone has the anointing and passion from God to study God’s word in relation with Hebraic sources to get the understanding that the early Church had, and we as modern believers have lost though a change in culture.

About 6 months after getting saved God called me to preach, and I  came to Lee University in Cleveland, TN to get a degree in Pastoral Ministry. My first week at Lee, a guy felt lead to come up to me and get advice about his family back home. I was able to share some of Perry’s content from “Breaking the Jewish Code” and he was amazed at my knowledge of Jewish cultue. I told him that everything I knew came from that book by Perry Stone. Turns out he was a Perry Stone fan too and we decided to go to Perry’s Hixon Campmeeting together to hear Perry Stone live for the first time. At the Hixon Meeting we learned of a weekly prayer meeting that Perry did in a Barn back in Cleveland, and we went.

Long story short, that guy is now my best friend and roommate. I got plugged into Perry’s “the Extreme” Ministry, and grew tremendously in the Word and in personal devotion. I have often said that I have learned more from “the Extreme” and Perry’s mentoring then I have in my Bible classes at Lee, and that is the truth. After attending the Extreme for a year, I was approached and asked if I would be willing to come work for Perry doing some I.T. work, and I was more than grateful to take the Job. It amazes me that 4 years ago I did not know Jesus, and when I got saved, God showed me Perry Stone on TV to put a passion in me for the “more” of his Word. Now four years later I have the privilege to study under and work for a great man of God.

The thing that impresses me the most about Perry is who you see on the stage or on the TV screen is the same man that he is in private. He has a burning passion for seeing the lost saved, and for seeing addictions broken. He lives a life that is set apart and consecrated for the Lord, and spends countless hours a day in study and prayer. I thank God that He raises up men like Perry Stone who have a passion and a burden to bring the world a right now word for the guiding and strengthening of His people.


Denver J. Morton

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Proud to call my “Friend”

17 years ago my mother-in-law introduced my wife and I to Perry Stone Ministries. We were so impressed by Perry Stone ministries that we sold a rental house, took part of the proceeds and sowed a seed to be an “Inner Circle” Partner. Long story short due to my ignorance and neglect I had put “church” ahead of my duty as “husband”, this neglect spiraled my wife into severe depression that my self indulgence severely neglected due to my “call of God”. Later on we were at a Perry Stone camp meeting in Pigeon Forge, TN when God got a hold of my wonderful wife using Perry Stone. My wife lay held to the ground by The Lord for two hours as I watched with great joy her deliverance! Perry Stone helped me gain perspective regarding my priorities! I will be forever grateful to God for using Perry Stone and I will be forever grateful to Perry Stone for obeying the Lord and speaking peace into her personal hell. My wife and I now enjoy life in the Lord to its fullest taking nothing for granted celebrating each and every day of our journey with Jesus in His wonderful Kingdom!

Perry Stone is without a doubt a man of great integrity and great moral stature, he is a mighty warrior for the Kingdom of God who spends countless hours studying God’s Word listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Perry Stone is a man who loves and serves Jesus daily and a man that I am proud to call “friend”.

Roger Keith

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